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Thousands of people are googling your product today

Our job is to create a crowd of clients in front of your (online) shop by positioning you well in Google search

Each time someone searches your product on Google, it is exactly the same as this person had put a jacket on, left the house, started their car and drove to your shop to buy or ask for more information about your product.

Thousands of clients end up at your competitor’s website, just because they are better positioned on this search engine. 

Find out if your business is located in the cave, lost in mountains:

1. Go to and type a name of your product or a service. (type as you were your future client)

2. Then check if your company comes up on the first page.
If not, that means that thousands of people who are looking for exactly what you typed end up clicking on the webiste of your competition (who are located in the first 5 results).

3. If you want to double-check this information, just check the first 3 ranked websites and find their addresses.

4. Sit in front of their shop and start counting clients that are entering in or out. You will be suprised how powerful Google can be.

Google works like this:

Imagine that Google is a local market, with only 10 desks (sellers). Each seller is selling the same (or very similar) product as you do.

Each day 5000 people enter this market. 3450 of them buy at least one product.  


3 sellers (that are closest to the entrance) get 66% visits. That is equal to 2277 clients who buy something.


It means that if your desk is among these 10, you will get new sales each day. If you desk is among the first 3 you will be one of the bestsellers.
And if your desk is located 5km away from this market, be sure that no one will walk to buy from you.

Now, just replace the metaphor of the local market with the first page of Google.

If you are not on the first page of Google, it means that you are located 5 km away.

But, no worries. Our only job is to move businesses like yours to the first page of Google.

freelancers visa portugal

Case study:
Digital nomads visa seekers

Client: Sende, rural coliving space in Spain and TSolutions agency

But, no worries. Our only job is to move businesses like yours to the first page of Google. This post explains whole process of getting visa while promoting Sende and one local agency that helps with visa bureocracy.

This agency got more customers by this blog post than all previous effort together. This blog post became a super power marketeer to bring them new clients every week.

Our job was to discover the right angle of the story and write a blog post that would position them well.

It’s often better to have one well-written blog post that hits the nerve and fullfills the client’s needs because that post will convert into your best marketing employee who can bring hundreds of clients on auto-pilot. 

Sende freelancers visa portugal

Case study:
Digital nomads visa seekers

Few years ago people didn’t buy online, because they didn’t trust internet as they do today. Nowdays, the reality is completely different. For the first time, the brand Zara (dot) com has sold more products online than in their best selling shops.

People are becoming lazy to go out and purchase new things. This is  because it’s just getting easier to do the same thing online:

It took her 35 minutes to reach this shop: 

It took her 4 seconds to google it: 

Check whether Kurro can help your business

It takes 10 seconds of your effort to check if our agency can bring you thousands of new clients. Just fill out this form and that is it:

once you submit the questionnaire, our team will start analyzing your website and your business model (all for free).

If we are sure that we can build win-win cooperation, you will receive an email from us where we explain in detail how plan to move your business to the first page of Google.


You will think about it and confirm whether you accept to work with us or not. It’s that easy. 


If we get back to you with solutions it means that we can really move the cave from lost mountains to the city center.


sende logo

The story of Kurro

Kurro is a digital marketing agency built in Sende, one of the first rural coworking and coliving spaces in the world. 

These days, it is very difficult to find a team of people who will understand the needs of a client and give back real results.

Talented professionals are either already hired or they are hard to find.  

That’s where we come in. Sende has been hosting professionals from all over the world over the years. We know what each person can do, how they work and in which team they can really shine with their skills. 

Our job is to match small dream teams of professionals with your company. They get to work on a challenging project from Sende or remotely. 

These professionals are world travelers, who are familiar with different cultures, new trends, and technologies. Often they are the ones who are setting trends in the digital world today. 

Creatives, engineers, artists, copywriters, marketers from Kurro are working (or have worked) with many well-known companies and brands, such as MTV, Playground, El Jueves, Ikea, Google, BMW, Guardian, LG, Harvard, and others.

 ?️ Built in Galician mountains