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Kurro is a creative marketing team

Built in the countryside, works remotely. A full service agency where professionals from 11 countries work together. 

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Kurro counts on experts in SEO, lead generation, email marketing, Google Adwords and savvy techies who build apps and systems. 


Copywriters, illustrators, content marketing experts, video makers, graphic and web designers. 

Kurro professionals work(ed) on marketing for these companies and more

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Remote teams

Kurro members are based all over the world. Some of them are digital nomads, and others are based from Barcelona to Setubal, from New York to Singapore. They all have one thing in common, a stay in Sende, rural coworking and coliving space. 

We build small teams. They decide where they will work from.
Remotely or from Sende in Spain and Portugal. 

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